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FAQ - Siletta discharger for difficult to manage products.

Q. We have a difficult to handle product to discharge. What makes Bulk Handling Global different to the others?

A. We do not catalogue engineer, or select equipment based on a nominal percentage of the silo size. We do not believe in applying brute force (large motor sizes) to overcome problems. Nor do we believe in offering a discharger for the sake of it, and simply de-rating the equipment if there are problems.

Bulk Handling Global and our international associated companies are highly trained technical engineers.

What makes us different is that:-

We are the only privately run company that carries out bulk solids flow testing, on or off site, using modern and sensitive Peschl Rotational Shear testing equipment. We have 40 years of experience in shear tester design, and bulk solids and powder characterisation.

We apply these results to the design of the Siletta Dischargers, as well as unbiased design audits for clients. It is the only way you can design effectively.

We carry out silo, hopper and storage facility design in house, using the results from the bulk solids flow testing.

We interface the bulk solids test results and characteristics, silo storage facility design and process requirements into the design of the Siletta Discharger.

We are technology providers.

We are problem solvers.

The Siletta Discharger is used for the discharge of cohesive, fibrous and flushing type bulk solids and powders, and is proven to do so for the last 30 years.

The Siletta Discharger solves problems in the discharge of difficult to handle products; and it solves flow problems from silos and hoppers, which most plants are traditionally happy to pour money into, to overcome their shortfalls.

Q. Is the Siletta Discharger a Bin Activator?

A. No. Unlike traditional Bin Activators, the Siletta Discharger controls the product flow from 0 to 100% accurately, and is designed to promote even product flow without causing compaction of the product. This means that it eliminates the need for a feeder downstream (which saves costs), and avoids the flow problems normally associated with the interface between silo, hopper and transfer equipment

As well, the Siletta Discharger can be used for blending and proportioning. We will address this point further.

Q. How does the Siletta Discharger work?

A. It works extremely well. Most people ask us to demonstrate the Siletta Discharger on their most difficult to handle product, and are surprised to see the way it controls the product even down to a trickle feed, it shuts off and starts up instantaneously.

Basically the Siletta Discharger operates in the lower region of the hopper or silo at the product arching dimension. It then expands the material down stream, without causing any compaction of product. It does not impose any side loading into the product which causes compaction. It effectively uses gravity, and does not rely on friction to control the feed.

Q. Why is a gravity feed a preferred method?

A. Gravity is reliable, constant, and always works downwards. The Siletta Discharger harnesses the effects of gravity, and dischargers vertically downwards. This way we completely avoid compaction of the product, and can easily handle cohesive products. The video on the Bulk Handling Global website provides a demonstration of how well the Siletta Discharger works.

Also, we carry out design on the silo, and checks on the arching and pressure properties of the product, to ensure the Silo and Siletta Discharger are interfaced properly.

Q. How well does the Siletta Discharger handle abrasive products?

A. 200mm lumps of Iron ore, coal or diamond powder is no problem. Unlike traditional feeders or dischargers, the Siletta does not use friction or pressure to control the discharge rate. As there is no reliance on friction and pressure, wear is completely minimised. Also, there are no major mechanical components in the Siletta Discharger. Internal components can be supplied with replaceable wear resistant faces, or ceramic coated. There are also other more simple cost effective solutions we can provide.

Q. What is the maximum particle size Siletta Discharger can handle?

A. 200mm lump size. In fact, the very first Siletta Discharger manufactured over 30 years ago was designed for 200mm lumps of coal.

Q. We have a very fine product that is known to flush easily. Can you help?

A. No problem, the Siletta Dischargers is designed to handle products that easily flush, at very high temperatures. We also carry out bulk solids shear testing to ensure that the silo and hopper interface are properly designed, and eliminate the flushing problems.

Q. Can we retro-fit the Siletta Discharger to our existing plant?

A. The Siletta Discharger can easily be retrofitted to your existing plant. In fact, we will be able to eliminate the need for any down stream feeders and reduce power requirements.

Q. What is the maximum size available?

A. The Siletta Discharger is suitable for silo or hopper openings of up to 5.0m, round, square and rectangular configurations. The Siletta discharger is available in “standard” sizes, and in most instances, are supplied to suit existing silos and hoppers.

Q. Is the Siletta Discharger dust free and easily accessible?

A. The Siletta Discharger is dust free as it is fully enclosed. Not only is the Siletta Discharger manufactured for heavy industry, it is also manufactured in food and pharmaceutical grade with easy removal for cleaning purposes.

Q.Can the Siletta Discharger be used for blending – we have several products which we require to accurately blend?

A. No Problem. The Siletta Discharger accurately controls product flow. The Siletta Discharger can be tuned to alter the flow regimes from the hopper or silo, and accurately blend or proportion even several products to a very high accuracy. Mixing can be done in continuous or batch modes.

You can easily reduce your plant power requirements, and there is no need for high shear and high powered mixers or blenders, which can be expensive to maintain, particularly if you have an abrasive product.

Q. We have a large silo, and we need to accurately weigh various batch sizes with very high repeatability and high weigh accuracy. Can the Siletta Discharger do this?

A. Easy. By using loss in weight process control, the Siletta Discharger has achieved accuracies well below 0.5%. The Siletta Discharger automatically conditions the product bulk density to a constant as it does not compress or rely on friction to discharge. Shut off is instantaneous, and start up is immediate. The Siletta can trickle feed to a point where you just about get one particle discharging out at a time – refer to the video in the website.

The Siletta Discharger can be supplied to suit batch or continuous weighing requirements.