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Bulk Handling Global - Product Treatment and Proportioning Silo systems

The Treatment Silo design is an ideal flow silo system, incorporating unique functions to accommodate free flowing and cohesive products. With complete flexibility, this system provides complete control of the product – fully controlled discharge rates; variable flow functions to suit changing product flow characteristics and instantaneous shut off. The requirement for downstream feeders is eliminated.

By electronic control through a PLC, the treatment silo design can alter the flow regime from the silo or hopper, to allow blending and proportioning of multiple products according to sequence/process requirements. Different velocities across the silo cross section can be achieved, also with controlled eccentric flow pattern – if required. These systems can be supplied for batch or continuous operations, and eliminate the need for high shear and high powered mixers or blenders.

The following flow regimes can easily be achieved for all bulk solids and powders:

Ideal Flow
Mass Flow
Eccentric Flow
Funnel Flow

The Proportioning Silo systems are suitable for the following applications:

Mixing of multiple products
Avoiding segregation
Avoiding agglomeration
Avoiding degradation
Avoiding caking of product
Minimizing explosion hazards

Typical service applications:

  1. Avoiding degradation of active coal pellets in silo and, providing segregation in coal bunker storage facilities where the material is highly cohesive (brown or black coal).
  2. Avoiding agglomeration following production, example - ammonium nitrate and citric acid.
  3. Condition Soya Bean Meal in a free flowing state in the case of long storage in port storage facilities.
  4. Providing a minimum of difference in residence time in the case of cooling Plastic Pellets immediately after a pelletizer.