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Bulk Handling Global - Silo Blending / Mixing systems

Industry typically uses high energy mixers / blenders to mix products. These mixers require feed of product at a controlled rate. So in addition to the requirement of using a mixer, associated feeders, additional silos, conveying and elevating equipment, controls and switchgear, access ways and maintenance are required. These systems tend to be high in capital costs, and maintenance intensive. A simpler and cost effective alternative is to use the silo as a blending system it self. The design can allow for either continuous or batch blending systems.

The Silo Blending / Mixing systems provide an unprecedented technique of blending or mixing products. It combines high quality of blending / mixing that eliminates heat development, degradation of product/s, and eliminates wear and reduces energy requirements. These are the most important advantages of this mixing system over high shear and high energy mixers.

Short blending or mixing time is guaranteed. Typically, most products require one cycle for equalizing and two cycles for mixing.

Very intensive mixing is achieved by incorporating the Siletta® Discharger to control the product flow pattern in a predetermined sequence.

The Universal blender/mixer systems can be used as continuous or batch modes.

There are no mechanical components in the system i.e. no ploughs, paddles or ribbons. The issues of wear, maintenance and possible product contamination are eliminated.

In the case where products have to be wetted before discharge, the addition of spray systems can be incorporated at the final discharge. This system for example replaces the use of pug mills that tend to be high in wear and maintenance.

Service applications for Universal Blender / Mixing systems:

Eliminates the requirement for multiple silos and complete conveying and feeder systems
Mobile batch plant
Proportioning and micro additives
Laboratory mixing
Blending of products from 10 Liters to 500m3. Mobile units up to 2.0m3.
Where high accuracy of mixing is required


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