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Particle science, materials development:- surface area test, porosity test, porosity permeability, composition and materials development.

Bulk Handling Global Pty Ltd is pleased to announce an alliance with Delft Solids Solutions.

delft solids solutions

Delft Solids Solutions is an independent contract research and development laboratory, founded in 2002. In close cooperation with academia and instrument manufacturers, we provide high quality contract laboratory services in particle science and materials characterisation.

The core business of Delft Solids Solutions is to solve complex analytical problems in materials science and development of novel porous materials. Their analysis laboratory employs a wide variety of physical characterization techniques with particular emphasis on specific surface areas of solids, adsorption, porosity analysis, pore size analysis, density, chemical composition and particle size of solids, sprays, and aerosols.

The majority of these materials characterisation techniques and analysis services can be executed according to various ASTM or ISO standards and on customer’s specification. The infrastructure of their laboratory also includes dedicated equipment for laboratory services related to flowability, cohesion, crushing strength and other parameters for bulk solids characterization.

Delft Solids Solutions is your contract laboratory partner for method development, trouble shooting, technical marketing, product research and quality control. Our well-equipped materials characterisation laboratory has a broad range of instruments and, in case of analysis services, guarantees high throughput of samples and short turn around times of typically 10 working days.

Delft Solids Solutions actively works together with chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and sectors like road construction, food industry, catalyst manufacturers, core research centres, and so forth.

Porosity and surface area investigations.

Porosity and surface area are important characteristics of solid materials that highly determine the properties and performance of catalysts, sorbents, medicines, minerals, and so on. "How active is your catalyst" and "How efficient will medicines work" are questions related to features as porosity, pore size and surface area and can be dealt with by porosity measurements.


Measurement of the chemical composition of gases, liquids, and solids is important to determine the quality or purity of raw materials, intermediates or final products.

Materials development.

Delft Solids Solutions performs materials development in the field of combined micro- and mesoporous materials, aiming at zeolites in particular.

Zeolites are well-known in catalysis for their unique combination of properties like hydrothermal stability, intrinsic acidity and the opportunity to execute shape-selectivity. The purely microporous character however often induces intracrystalline transport limitations and accordingly the zeolite volume is not effectively used in most catalytic applications. Introduction of mesoporosity in the purely microporous matrix typically leads to an improved utilization of the zeolite volume and thus higher catalyst effectiveness.