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Bulk Handling Global - Bulk materials engineering solutions

Our vision at Bulk Handling Global is to be the leading technology based bulk materials handling company, by providing clients engineering techniques that go beyond industry accepted standards.

Bulk solids and powders that are high in moisture, cohesive, fibrous and flushing are problematic with equipment, and more often than not lead to flow problems and reliability issues. Industry tends to “accept” shortfalls in design of equipment and systems when handling these types of products. To address these common flow problems, we heavily invest into research within Australia and internationally, into methodologies of testing bulk solids and powders and as well as bulk material handling techniques. We have alliance with several European specialists in bulk solids shear testing equipment, and silo design.

In addition to our 29 years industry experience in bulk materials handling, our strategic partnership with the specialist European companies enables us to provide the industry with:-

  • On-site bulk solids and powder flow properties testing capability, as well as in house.

  • The quickest and most cost effective bulk solids and powder flow properties testing for upfront engineering and process design, as well as trouble shooting investigations.

  • Proven leading edge technology in the handling of cohesive, high moisture, high fat, fibrous and flushing type products, with the ability to reduce power consumption and eliminate problems associated in high wear of discharge equipment.

To our knowledge, no other single company effectively has this capability.

We understand and know how to design equipment and systems when handling cohesive, high moisture and flushing type products, and we have the technology to quickly solve problems on existing plant.

We provide global support to major consultants, research facilities, process plant, producers and equipment manufacturers in the minerals, mining, food, chemical, power generation, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries.

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