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Bulk Handling Global - Bulk materials engineering services

Bulk solids and powder characteristics, as well as product strength and pressure limitations have to be understood, before effective silo and hopper design, feeder and conveying equipment design can be undertaken.

We measure the product characteristics and provide unrivalled engineering solutions to ensure your plant and equipment operates at maximum efficiency with our bulk solids testing and engineering design services.

From initial planning to development and implementation, covering – bulk solids and powder flow properties testing, silo and hopper design, and effectively interfacing bulk materials handling feeding and conveying equipment to suit the product flowability characteristics.

Our specialist capabilities are in the handling of cohesive, ideal plastic solids, high moisture (up to 65%), high fat, fibrous and flushing type bulk solids and powders, are unparalleled by any other bulk materials handling company. We effectively tackle the handling and discharge of problematic bulk solids and powders, as well as free flowing products.

Regardless of where you are located, we provide worldwide engineered solutions and designs to you. We carry out:

Bulk solids and powder flow properties testing - On site or in-house

Flow properties and characterization.

Wall friction angles, major principle stress, flowability, internal shear, yield Loci, cohesion, adhesion, angles of response, consolidated bulk density.

Silo critical arching dimensions and bridge diameters.

Porosity, surface area investigations, composition analysis and materials development services.

Bulk storage facilities-

Silo and hopper design, stockpile, bulk storage facility, intermediate bulk container (IBC'S), design and flow problem solving.

Silo and hopper structural design and verification, Determination of wall thicknesses, support legs and platforms. 3D modeling and detail drafting

Blending silos, mixing and proportioning technology.

Treatment and conditioning silos - heating, cooling and silo aeration.

Bulk materials handling engineering

Feeder design, discharger design and product flow problem solving.

Transfer chute design and problem solving.

Conveyor design and problem solving.

Process plant

Conceptual studies, design reviews, audits, upgrades, developments, specifying, Hazops, project management, commissioning services and technical support for plant operations. Technical evaluations for new equipment. Plant and equipment estimates from Class 5 to Class 1.


3D modeling, detail cad drafting of silos, hoppers, conveyors and feeder, process flow diagrams, P&ID’s, plant layouts and steelwork.

Educational /Training

In-house bulk handling short course (2 to 3 hours) educational services. Identify the difference between hopper flow problems to feeder problems. How to better understand bulk solids and powder characteristics and how to avoid common product flow problems.


Silo, hopper, storage bunker
Belt conveyor and belt feeder
Weigh belt conveyor
Drag chain conveyor
Bucket elevator
Apron converyor and feeder
Slide gate and Diverter valve
Bulk ISO container loading / unloading
Mesh Belt Conveyors
Ribbon Blender
Slide gate and diverter valve
Pivoting bucket conveyor
Weigh system
Dosing system

Transfer chute
Screw conveyor and screw feeder
Siletta Discharger
En-masse conveyor
Air Slide conveyor
Pug mill
Submerged Ash Conveyor
Vibrating Conveyors
Rotary Valve
Magnetic conveyor and elevator
Bulk ISO container loading and unloading
Bin activator
Truck and rail loading and unloading
Mixing / Blending
Product conditioning systems


Minerals processing


Sewage plant


Bulk Handling Global® provides clients the flexibility to free up limited resources, allowing greater focus on core competencies and increasing company profitability. Maximize plant productivity and profits by minimizing downtime of your bulk materials handling equipment - through optimizing efficiencies and reliability upgrades.

Talk to us or send us an e-mail - you'll soon see our leading edge engineering services ensures your plant or equipment operates reliably.

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